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Deniliquin Party Hire Marquee

Deniliquin Party Hire: CONDITIONS OF HIRE:   All shortages, breakages or damages will be paid for at replacement price.  All articles should be returned clean otherwise additional charge may be made. Prices quoted are for single hire, longer term prices on application. Delivery, collection, labour not included in prices.

 Prices correct as at 1 June 2013

Maquees & Accessories
3.6 x 3.6m$140.00
4.6 x 4.6m$170.00
6.0 x 6.0m$240.00
6.0 x 9.0m$340.00
6.0 x 12.0m$480.00
6.0 x 15.0m$580.00
6.0 x 18.0m$770.00
7.5 x 11.0m$670.00
7.5 x 16.6m$850.00
7.5 x 22.0m$1030.00
9.0 x 11.0m$790.00
9.0 x 16.6m$1010.00
9.0 x 22.0m$1,230.00
9.0 x 27.4m$1,450.00
11.0 x 11.0m$900.00
11.0 x 16.6m$1,150.00
11.0 x 22.0m$1,420.00
11.0 x 27.4m$1,650.00
Entrance 1.8m x 1.8m$55.00
Clear Walls 6m Sections$35.00
Silk Roof LinerPOA
Lantern Set$45.00 per pole
Coloumn Covers$50.00 per pole
Tables, Chairs & Flooring
Trestle Table 1.8m $11.00
Trestle Table 2.3m $13.00
Round Table 1.1m $11.00
Round Table 1.4m $12.00
Round Table 1.5m $13.00
Round Table 1.6m$14.00
Chairs Brown Plastic$2.00
Chairs White Plastic$2.50
White Padded Chairs (folding)$6.50
Bar Stools Red, Black or White$10.00
Dance Floor 1.8m x 0.9m$12.00 Each
Timber Flooring$14.00 per sq Mtr
Artificial GrassPOA
Staging $14.00 per sq Mtr
Wedding Accessories
Bridal Table$12.50 per person
Cake Table, Cloth & Flounce$27.50
Candleabra, Silver 25cm$8.00
Candleabra Black 50cm$12.00
Candleabra Black 150cm$16.00
Table Numbers 1 - 12$15.00 per set
Chair Cover - Lycra Black or White$5.00
Chair Cover - Satin White$4.00
Chair Sash$1.00
Linen Napkins$1.50
Linen Cloths$13.50
Flower Pedestal$10.00
Red Runner 10m x 1.35m$75.00
Wishing WellWooden $50.00
White $60.00
Table Mirrors$3.00
Garden Candle Stakes$9.00
Various Vases$5.00each
Large Bird Cages$20.00
Candle Holders - Various$1.00
Luxury Bathroom$550.00
Wine Barrels$45.00
3.8m Umbrellas$75.00
Jumping Castle$100.00
Jukebox 50s Style$165.00
iPod Dock$170.00
Large Esky$25.00
Catering Equipment
Boilers 20 & 33L$6.50
Teapot 24 Cup$2.20
Electric Coffee Percolator 10L$22.00
Hot Water Urn 8L$12.00
Hot Water Urn 20L$22.00
Bain Marie 1,2,3 Pot$25.00
Cona Coffee Unit$12.00
Pie Warmer$25.00
Carving Knife$6.50
Chafing Dish$20.00
Glass Bowls – Various$1.50
Wooden Bowls – Various$1.00
Serving Trays – Wooden$1.00
Serving Utensils$1.00
Deep Fryer$50.00
Rustic Wooden Trays$5.00
Lighting & Sundries
Flood Light 100 watt$7.50
Flood Light 500 watt$11.00
Flood Light 1500 watt$16.50
Festoon Lights 18m$35.00 (25 Globes)
Lantern Rope Set 10m$60.00
Barb Wire & Short Wire Light Shades$5.00 each
Chinese Lantern & Cable$5.00
Power Boards & Extension Leads$4.50
Display Panels$25.00
Tea Cup & Saucer50c
Coffee Cup & Saucer60c
Coffee Mug50c
152mm – 6’’ Plate55c
203mm – 8’’ Plate55c
230mm – 9’’ Plate55c
254mm – 10’’ Plate55c
175mm – 7’’ Soup/Des Bowl55c
125mm – 5’’ Sweet Bowl55c
Butter Dish40c
Jug 280ml$1.20
Single flower vase$1.20
Sugar Basin$1.20
Dinner Knife45c
Butter Knife45c
Dinner Fork45c
Entrée Fork45c
Cocktail Fork45c
Dessert Fork45c
Dessert Spoon45c
Soup Spoon45c
Tea Spoon45c
Aristocrat Range as above50c
Cake Lifter$1.00
Serving Spoon, Fork$1.00 Each
Salad Servers$1.50
Bread Knife$1.50
Beer Glass 285ml 10oz50c
Beer Glass 200ml 7oz50c
Pilsner Beer Glass60c
Water Glass 50c
Wine Goblet 170ml50c
Wine Glass 250ml50c
Wine Glass 300ml50c
Champagne Flute50c
Sherry/Port Glass35c
Carafe $2.00
Beer Jug$2.00
Water Jug$2.00
Water Bottle$2.00
Glass Water Dispenser$25.00
Salt & Pepper$1.50 pair
Stainless Steel
Oval Platter 40cm$2.50
Oval Platter 45cm$3.50
Oval Platter 60cm$4.50
Cooler Keg 20L$7.50
Low Ice/Drinks Tub$15.00
High Ice/Drinks Tub$20.00
Cocktail Bowl40c
Punch Bowl$15.00
Ice Bucket$3.00
Gas Equipment
Rotating Spit$90.00
Double Burner Cooker$30.00
Space Heater$125.00
Patio Heater$95.00
Food Warming Cabinet$55.00
All gas equipment supplied with gas.